Vortex Concours - Glass Finish
Detailing Services

We endeavour to always give the best and this service was created as our flagship ultimate detail for the aspirational client that believes in the highest possible finishing, with our top of the range products that would transform your vehicle into the ultimate desired dream finish that will be exhibition worthy.

In the pursuit of achieving the ultimate flawless finish, parts of the vehicle are removed, cleaned, corrected, protected and refitted. The paintwork undergoes extreme correction procedures which can include clear coat levelling also known as wet sanding, to ensure the permanent removal of orange peel defects which happen to be a common but not so attractive feature on modern factory paint finishes or as a result of a bad respray job.

The interior of the vehicle is also treated to an intense level of attention which often includes the removal of seats, carpets and any other part of the interior that may need removing to achieve a flawless finish. Cracked, damaged and discoloured leather will be restored and refinished giving the interior a better than new finish.

This is a bespoke service and individual requirements are often discussed in depth to ensure that we meet and exceed your requirements

5-7 Days

  • Small-medium sized vehicles: £1800.00
  • Large vehicles:                        £2000.00
Other Detailing Services

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