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Detailing Services

This is our entry level service. We recommend this service for vehicles that require a general degree of interior rectification and rejuvenation. Your vehicle may not require a deep interior clean and shampoo, however it may need more than a quick vacuum and wipe. The exterior of your vehicle will need to be cleaned in the safest way for the prevention of light scratches and swirls that can occur during the wash process. The products and strategies used in this process are designed to gently remove dirt and contaminants from your vehicle paintwork.

  • Acid free wheel cleaner applied to wheels followed by a soft brush agitation, hand shampoo and rinse
  • Bodywork high pressure jet rinse
  • Under arches high pressure jet rinse
  • Snow foam pre-wash
  • Bodywork hand shampooed in PH neutral gloss enhancing shampoo
  • High pressure jet rinse
  • Bodywork & wheels blow & towel dried
  • Liquid high gloss speed detailer applied to bodywork
  • Door shuts dried and cleaned
  • Windows cleaned to a streak free finish
  • Tyres dressed
  • Seats, carpets and mats extensively vacuumed for removal of pet hair, sand glass and other non-staining debris
  •  Ashtrays, cup holders and compartment protectors removed to be cleaned
  •  Mats dry foam cleaned
  •  Leather seats wiped clean
  •  Interior cleaner applied to dashboard, door panels, trims, centre console and wiped dry to a non-gloss streak free finish for the removal of light stains, surface mark and scuffs
  • Interior windows cleaned to a streak free finish
  • 1hr 30 mins (approx)
  • Small-medium vehicles: £80.00
  • Large vehicles: £95.00
Other Detailing Services

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